Sunday, September 24, 2006

Clocks & Watches

Illinois Watch Poster

On October 7, 2006 at 1:00 pm, Les McAlister of St. Louis, an authority on the Sangamo Electric Company and its famous clocks, will give a talk at the Iles House. He will show several clocks from his collection and take questions for about an hour.

Afterwards, he and two experts will examine Sangamo clocks brought by members of the audience. The experts will offer information about clock history, but not give appraisals of monetary value.

Currently on exhibit in the first-floor museum of Iles House are many examples of memorabilia and products from the Illinois Watch Company, as seen in these pictures supplied by Dulany Sriner.

Display of Illinois Watches

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Moving Day

Dulany Sriner recently sent several pictures of August 30, 1998, the day the Iles House moved from 1825 South Fifth Street to Seventh and Cook Streets. The original historic location was Sixth and Cook. More photos of the Iles House and other Springfield attractions are available on Dulany's web site, D's Digitals.

Departing old location, 1825 South Fifth

Navigating around trees and shrubs

Cherry pickers lifting power lines

At new location, 7th and Cook

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fall Progress

Fall has come to the Iles House, which on its Seventh Street side presents a finished front, with its laid sidewalk and hand-built fencing. The house follows Greek Revival design, a style popular in antebellum America, but its elevated front porch resembles Southern houses, which had to rise above ground that could be damp or snake-and-roach infested.

On the rear face, progress is altering the house's original lines, as workmen continue to install an enclosed elevator shaft. This structure will provide access for visitors with disabilities and puts the house into compliance with state and federal guidelines. Depending on weather, construction should be complete in one month.

Pictures are courtesy of Dick Hart

Monday, September 04, 2006

Balloons Over Lincoln

The town of Lincoln, Illinois held an Art and Balloon Festival August 25-27, and Dulany Sriner was on hand to take several pictures. Launched from Logan County Airport, the hot air balloons soared for three evenings, making quite an aerial display at dusk.

This event began in 1974, when town committees staged an art fair at the Logan County courthouse. Latham Park* later became the venue, and balloons entered the scene in 1989. They drew such crowds that the airport location was approved in 2005.

Dulany has more photos on his gallery site, D's Digitals, and the town of Lincoln also offers a photo album of this new prairie tradition.

Photos courtesy of Dulany Sriner.

* Dick Hart reminds me that Latham Park has a connection with Iles House: "Latham Souther, the man who saved the house in 1910, is a descendant of the Latham family that settled on Elkhart Hill and were active in early events in Logan County. The Iles House has a full history of the family prepared by David Stevens, a docent and a descendant of Latham Souther. We also have furniture donated by the Souther family that once belonged to the Latham family. It was indeed a small world in early central Illinois."