Sunday, December 18, 2005

Winter Evenings

Iles House tours are becoming quite popular, with 300 to 500 guests turning out each weekend to admire the home by day or candle light, and also to see the holiday decorations.

On exhibit are rare items from the David Barringer Collection, described in an exhibition catalog prepared by Floyd Mansberger. The catalog is availble for sale at the House.

The house looks good by night or day, especially with a fresh coat of snow. Call (217) 492-5929 to inquire about tour hours.

All photos by Dulany Sriner and copyright 2005


Larry Stevens said...

I had a wonderful visit to the Iles House on the evening of the 17th.

The Southers' 1870s-era furniture was on display along with the Barringer collection. Not quite period for the 1840s, but not jarringly out of place, either. I remember the sofa and chairs from my grandmother's cottage on Ruth Ct.

I had a great conversation with a couple of historic preservationists from Middleton, Illinois, just up the old stagecoach route to Peoria. They have managed to save their 1840-era Stagecoach Inn. I told them about an ancestor's account of the stage from Peoria to Springfield. The stop in Middleton was identified as the "Halfway House" where the first change of horses occured. The next stop was the "Twelve-mile House" where the horses were changed again.

The couple from Middletown advised me where I could find portions of the original road used.

Will Howarth said...


Thanks for this information about Middleton. Since materials from antebellum Illinois are so rare, let me know if you visit that Inn or locate any pictures of it.