Friday, June 16, 2006

Iles School Events

Iles House recently hosted an event with alumni of the Iles Elementary School, located at 1700 South 15th Street in Springfield. On May 25, over 80 alumni and parents attended a reunion at the house. Arrangers of the event were principal Susan Rhodes and volunteers from the school parents' association. The school website has several pictures from the event along with more information about the school and its history.

Pictured here are Linda Sharpe, president of the Iles PTO; Susan Rhodes, principal of Iles School; and Stephanie Moore Chipman, an alumni parent. We look forward to sponsoring more events with Iles and other schools in the Springfield area.

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Larry Stevens said...

I'm proud to say my daughter, Lilly, will be attending Iles School starting in August. She was identified as a gifted student in Kindergarten, so for first grade she gets to enter the gifted program at Iles.

Lilly is a Souther descendant, so the association between the house and the school is quite serendipidous.