Thursday, October 12, 2006

Autumn Events

Fall has arrived at Iles House, as you may see from the colorful display of mums and other autumn flowers in the front garden on Seventh Street.

On the south side (Cook Street), the picket and board fence is in view, and also the elevator shaft.

At the rear, construction nears completion. A handsome board walk descends through a garden area. By next spring, it will bloom as well.

To see the schedule of House events, click on "Iles House Calendar" in the right column.

Thanks to Dick Hart and Dulany Sriner for the pictures. Click on them to see enlargements!

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Will Howarth said...

On Nov 15, the Springfield Zoning Commission approved the Iles House board fence as in keeping with the historic character of the neighborhood.

The fence follows the pattern of the yard fence at the Lincoln Home, at 8th and Jackson.

Our thanks to Dave Barringer for attending many meetings of the Commission in order to secure this approval.