Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Questors Dinner

On Tuesday, December 19, Iles House played host to a Christmas party for the Questors of Rochester, who call themselves the Chickenbristle Chapter.

The word Chickenbristle is of uncertain origin. Vachel Lindsay uses the name in his poem, "Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan" to refer to a small hamlet near Riverton and Rochester.

At the dinner, Dave Barringer and Mike Denk acted as waiters to the 15 guests, serving up a green salad and baked lasanga. Linda Denk ran the kitchen with great aplomb.

Helen Duffey, an artist who is still active at 96, became our first visitor to use the new lift.

The house was decorated for Christmas and seasonal music in the background provided just the right mood.

Pictures by Dick Hart

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