Sunday, November 16, 2008

Robert Irwin's 200th

Saturday, Nov 8, 2008 marked the 200th birthday of Robert Irwin, a former owner of Iles House. For a profile of Mr. Irwin, see the entry for April 6, 2008. Here Dick Hart, Linda Garvert, and Kathy Kincaid unveil the Irwin portrait, donated to Iles House by J. P. Morgan Chase, formerly Springfield Marine Bank.

A game of eucher, played by George Souther, Logan McMinn, Skip Turnbull, and Larry Stevens. Standing is Bob Sherman, portraying William Corneau, a neighbor of Irwin. He often played cards with friends and neighbors, including Nicholas Ridgley, Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and Dr. Merriman.

In the back parlor, docent Margie Adkins in a grand period dress is busy at tatting, or lace-making.

On the lower level, Linda Denk and Jackie Sites view an exhibit on the life of Robert Irwin, prepared by Linda Garvert, chair of the birthday event. Also available: hot apple cider and various baked apple goodies, to welcome Robert Irwin back to his home and wish him a happy 200th birthday.

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