Friday, May 19, 2006

Spring Events

1. On Thursday, May 18, the Iles House became the venue for the Annual Judicial Reception of the Sangamon County Women's Bar Association. Over 90 lawyers and judges attended the event from 5:30 to 7:30. Carol Jean Fraesse catered the event and the spread was sumptuous, as you may see above.

2. On Wednesday, May 17, Anne Wilson-Dooley from Aurora, Illinois, paid a call. She is the mother of three and a descendant of Mr. Billington, who drew the 1858 map of Sangamon County hanging in our front hall. She also has Billington's diary for the year 1858 in which he describes his daily activities in preparing the map. Mrs. Wilson-Dooley is also related to a number of Springfield families, such as Brinkerhoff, Smith, Boardman, Wilson, and Billington.

3. The House is continuing to evolve in its appearance. Workmen are landscaping the front yard and also building a fence, which should be in place soon.

4. Iles House has become a popular location for a broad range of Springfield events and participants. We need volunteers who will donate their time to keeping the house open to visitors. If you enjoy local history and meeting the public, please call the Iles House and leave your name and number. (217) 492-5929

Pictures courtesy of Dick Hart, Iles House Foundation Board

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