Thursday, February 22, 2007

Strawbridge-Shepherd House

Today the University of Illinois at Springfield and the Iles House Foundation announced an agreement on the Strawbridge-Shepherd House, an 1845 home on University land.

The University has granted the Foundation a 10-year lease and the two institutions will work together to preserve and maintain the property. Some restoration work began in late November, as seen in these pictures.

Details about the agreement appear in today's issue of the State Journal-Register. The Foundation has raised seed funds to launch this project, and it welcomes contributions from the public. Eventually the Strawbridge-Shepherd House will serve Sangamon County as the Iles House serves Springfield, as places for preserving and learning about a remarkable past.

Pictures by Dick Hart


Anonymous said...

It's funny that I graduated from UIS without ever seeing the house. I would have liked to have been involved in the preservation.

Will Howarth said...


If you would like to get involved, either directly or by sending money, please use the address or e-mail listed at the top of the blog home page.


Will Howarth

Anonymous said...

I am a former shepherd grandchild that lived in this house before the university bought it. It was a great place to live and play hide and seek in the fireplaces. I am really glad to see it being restored. As part of the Shepherd family it was sad to bring my family back and drive by and say this is where I lived when it was falling down and not the awsome way it looked before. I am thankful that I may be able some day to tour.

Dick Hart said...

Dear Shpeherd Grandchild,

Great to hear from someone who lived in the house. Would like to learn more about your time at the House. Do you have any photographs? That would be helpful in the restoration.

Thanks for your interest. Look for more pictures and reports in the future.
Dick Hart
Iles House Foundation

Anonymous said...

I emailed you back, not sure it went through. I actually was looking for pictures last night since I emailed last. I know my grandparents were contacted by the Springfield paper or the Historical Society. The pictures I could find were of the grandchildren not really clear on the rooms. I know my children like to hear about the Shepherd road and the playing in the fireplaces. Looking forward to watching the process and seeing the end result.

ordinarychica86 said...

I have driven past this house so many times and wondered what would happen to it and the history of this home. I have an eye for historical restorations and hoped that someone would take the initiative to save this house. I would love to get involved any way that I could. Someday I am going to buy my own home that needs to be restored. Please let me know what I can do to help with the restoration. Thank you!

ordinarychica86 said...

I am so ecstatic that someone is going to preserve this house. I have driven by this house so many times and just wanted to walk up to and start making repairs. Everyone would laugh at me. There is something that I see in older homes, like this one, that not many other people see. I am a resident of Springfield, and would be honored if there was some way that I could help in the restoration process. Please let me know what I can do to help. Thanks!

Will Howarth said...

Hi, and thanks for your comments. If you would like to get involved with the restoration work, call or write the Iles House. The number and e-mail address appear at the top of this blog page, under the main title. Thanks! --WH