Saturday, March 17, 2007

Layers of the Past

Restoration work at the Strawbridge-Shepherd House on the UIS campus has proceeded this winter, despite heavy snows and bitter cold. Above we see a worker removing a drop ceiling on the second floor. Peeling back layers of the past brings to light constant discoveries.

First floor, northeast room: removal of wall paneling and dropped ceiling exposes an early fireplace location, which fits a mantle found stored in the summer kitchen. The original wall paint is a mustard color, and stencils appear on both ceiling and walls.

First floor, southeast room: removal of carpet and floor reveals the original wide planks. The top part of the mantle is Greek Revival and also came from the summer kitchen.

Second floor, northeast room: workers uncover an original firebox and flue. Most of the rooms have fireplaces, a fact that reflects on the winters those early residents faced.

Pictures by Dick Hart.

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