Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Findings

Restoration work at the Strawbridge-Shepherd House.
Here, stored items lie in front of the summer kitchen.

Shutters, wood work, lightning rods, tables, chests, windows, and doors.
Note the prairie acreage at the rear.

A fireplace surround, probably from the house second floor.

Two bent wood wheel chairs.

Charles and Dennis power-wash the shutters.
Almost fifty have been recovered.

The restoration contractor, Tom Bundy, says the shutters are original.
He plans to have them painted and reinstalled.

Charles Taylor power-washes a brick sidewalk by the kitchen.

Results of the power-washing.
Summer kitchens were used to keep heat out of houses.

Early visitors to the house. Left to Right:
William Siles, UIS Professor of History; Ian Hunt, UIS student; Rosie Serio, UIS student; Christine Morris, Program Officer for the Midwest Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation; and Carol Dyson, Senior Preservation Architect, IHPA

All pictures by Richard Hart

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